Why you should never sell your vehicle on

  • Dangerous
  • Difficult
  • Costly Fees
  • Wholesale bid prices
  • Financing Issues
  • Time Committment

You know You have have even used eBay before and found it convenient. But selling a DVD box set and selling a vehicle are very different experiences.

First and foremost, you can't mail a car. You can either invite a stranger to pick the car up at your house or have it shipped by a professional transporter. Invited strangers to your door ins't safe and hiring a transporter isn't easy. You will also have to deal with paperwork, taxes, title transfers and on and on and on. And you don't even want to know what a pain it is when the auction winner can't come up with the financing.

Another reason, eBay isn't cheap. If your car sells for more than $2000, you have to pay $125 to eBay. That's money out of your pocket. Also, eBay bidders tend to purchase most vehicles at prices nearer to wholesale value than fair market price.

Oh, and that eBay description you have to write better be spot on. A common scam is to lowball or counter offer after the auction is complete claiming the vehicle is not as advertised. At that point you're faced with accepting the lower number or going through the entire ordeal again.

With, there are never:

  • Listing Fees
  • Strangers at your door
  • Shipping hassles
  • Low ball offers
  • Enter your vehicle's details for appraisal
  • Bring the appraisal, and required documents to our buying center in St. Louis Park.
  • You get a check, we get your keys.