Why you should never sell your vehicle on

  • Fraudulent Buyers
  • Scam ridden
  • Risky
  • Bogus payments is a good service for selling cars … if you are a professional auto dealer. However, if you are a private owner, you should consider alternative ways to sell your vehicle.

How come? Well, as a private owner your top concerns are the most dollar for your vehicle with the safest transaction possible and the fewest headaches. And simply stated, selling your vehicle via isn't profitable, safe or simple.

Look at own site and they warn sellers about all the ways buyers try to take advantage of them. They warn about logging into fraudulent pages that look like web pages, fraudulent payment schemes, and over price cons. In short, you have to be pretty savvy, and really cautious to avoid a bad situation. Plus there's the added issues with inviting strangers to your home, handing them the keys to take a test drive and hoping all goes well. That's a lot to hope fo

Luckily, isn't your only option for selling a vehicle.

With, you can count on:

  • Legal transactions
  • Getting paid in full
  • Selling your car today
  • Security thanks to privacy
  • Enter your vehicle's details for appraisal
  • Bring the appraisal, and required documents to our buying center in St. Louis Park.
  • You get a check, we get your keys.